California Police Academy eLearning StudiGuide Series is an online eLearning site.  We offer California police academy StudiGuide courses and practice written examinations for police academy cadets (based on the state of California’s Commission on Peace Officer Standard and Training ‘POST’ requirements).

Additionally, we cater to those persons who need to study for the Reserve courses (Modules I, II and III), the PC 832 training and Basic Course Waiver ‘BCW’ process for out of state candidates transferring or wishing to transfer to a California law enforcement agency, or those prior trained persons who have been out of active police service for more than three years.

Our StudiGuide courses cover the critical knowledge necessary to understand and pass each required academic test mandated by POST subject matter currently covered by POST learning domains to include:

  • Regular Basic Course standard format
  • Regular Basic Course Modular Format (including Reserve) –
  •      Modular Format – Module III
  •      Modular Format – Module II
  •      Modular Format – Module I
  • PC. 832 Arrest and Firearms
  • Specialized Investigator’s Basic Course
  • Requalification Course (BCW)
  • Refresher training for the Mid-Course and End-of-Course Proficiency tests administered during the Regular Basic Course

Our StudiGuide courses are intended as a supplementary aid you, who are looking to maximize study time.  They are also helpful in preparing for the written examination and will help you to retain knowledge in a particular subject, without having to spend excessive time in learning stuff not presented during the written examination.  You will also be provided with practice exams and audio of each tested subject, to allow for review while travelling to and from the academy, during breaks, while running, etc.

When used properly, in conjunction with your POST workbooks, our StudiGuide courses are a valuable tool for you, as the material provided in each course has been time tested for more than fifteen years, assisting recruits during their academy training to receive and maintain some of the highest test scores and overall grade point averages in their academy classes.